Guiding Principles

Quality of Life

Offer all residents an enlivening environment with opportunities to enjoy themselves and interact with other residents, volunteers and employees, and encourage residents to realize their physical potential through appropriate rehabilitation therapies.


Treat each other with respect, be generous in expressing appreciation for employees who consistently follow our Clinical and Quality of Life practices, offer to help each other, accept help when it is offered, and support efforts by employees to advance themselves and improve the ways in which we care for residents.


Assist each resident's physician and family to prepare, follow and maintain an excellent individual plan of care and strive to restore function, compensate for disability, avoid discomfort and harm, and prevent decline.


Manage operational expenses based upon the recommendations of each Facility's administrator and director of nursing which reflect their judgment of the resources required to effectively care for residents.


Pay employees as well or better than competitors while realizing a reasonable income from our services so that we have the financial capability to continuously improve quality of care and facilities.