The Provider of Choice

Every strategic, operating and financial decision made by Cambridge senior management takes into consideration the question: How will this decision help us become the provider of choice in the communities we serve?

We believe that, by definition, the "provider of choice" has attained superior resident, family and employee satisfaction, and, as a consequence, enjoys financial results which enable it to fairly compensate its employees and reinvest in its business.

We also believe that, although our facilities are the most up to date and best maintained in the markets we serve, that "the best care is provided by the best people." Cambridge uses an unusually rigorous process to select caregivers and other frontline employees, despite the ongoing shortage in the United States of degreed and certified healthcare workers. All applicants for non-managerial positions are screened by proprietary human resources software for traits consistent with their duties before they can be considered for hiring.

Cambridge is committed to maintaining a "flat" corporate structure so that senior management and facility management stay in constant communication and combine their efforts in order to provide a high standard of service to our residents and the public.